Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ultimate Weapon: RSS Aggregators

In my last transmission, I alluded to the notion that time is short. However, after my discovery of RSS aggregators, I have been alleviated of some pressure.

While it is simply the reversal of information feeds, such a technology is incredible for ensuring consistency and remaining updated in this rapidly, ever-changing world. Surely, one of the Elite Team who was sent back before me is responsible for this.

Nevertheless, if contemporary learners are able to tap into this abundant stream of knowledge, then it would be near impossible to hinder their access to learning.

In addition, having information directed to them, rather than them having to scout it out in the near infinite vast that the e-world consumes, protects learners against many of the harms that linger amidst the e-world. After all, let us be honest; some areas of the internet can be a cesspool of inappropriate content that are capable of inflicting damage, ranging from the psychological to your average virus.

RRS aggregators are a system of networking; therefore learners will be able to connect with each other as well as the world. This delivery method also fosters learner diversity as learners can personally select what knowledge they intend to endeavor. As this decision will most probably be based on personal aspiration or interests, there will be no conforming limitations.

If RSS begins to be implemented into the learning environment immediately, I can foresee that the future I am from will never happen. Instead of being a place of structured and somewhat outdated regime, whose society stigmatizes the e-world for all its hazards; it will be a place where learning is student-directed and occurs regularly, both in and out of the physical classroom.

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