Thursday, August 20, 2009

Special Guest Appearance

The Justice Team and I crossed paths yet again today.

They were protecting the world as usual. And I was saving the world as usual.

We have a lot in common. HA! Pun. Common. As in Creative Commons! Wow, sleep deprivation is really kicking in. Saving the world requires a lot of energy. No wonder the e-world is such a dominant foe. It does not require sleep! Damn my physical body! Maybe I should become a cyborg?


I cannot believe I just said that. What is happening to me?! Clearly I only have a matter of hours left before the e-world consumes me. Before that occurs let me debrief you on using music in the classroom.

Music has the ability to invoke relation, stir emotion, and grant inspiration. So why is its presence lacking in the learning environment? I guess one reason would be copyright infringements although with technologies like INCOMPETECH, a sidekick of Creative Commons, such boundaries are alleviated. Personally, I would implement music when presenting slides of some form and mainly for background sound when the learners have been assigned to a task. Likewise, I would use it as stimulus pieces for evaluative responses and reflection.

If it will engage the supposed unengaged, then use it!

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