Thursday, August 20, 2009

Manipulate This!

Finally I have made contact with one of the Elite Team!

The member, whose name I will purposely omit, sent a photo of themselves to me. However, it had been manipulated so that his undercover identity was not blown. I could still tell it was second-in-command though. I would never forget those eyes...


Anyway, image manipulation. What a fun technology to engage learners. After all, is not half the battle of effectively teaching students, first motivating them?

Initially I presumed that this would only seem enjoyable to learners of primary cohorts. This, of course, was dispelled the more I found myself being distracted by the abundance of features that are contained on Picnik, one of several image manipulation software available throughout the e-world.

My concern would be the opportunity, or lack of, to consistently implement such a technology during lesson delivery. There are merely a few instances I can consider although maybe my ideas are clouded by the more mature nature of secondary learners.

The following is the aforementioned picture -

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  1. Image manipulation is such a wonderful tool to engage students. The image I see before me looks like someone I have seen before.