Tuesday, August 18, 2009

And So An Old Nemesis Becomes A Powerful Ally

In the past, which I guess would be the equivalent to your present, PowerPoint and I have come to blows.

Although in retrospect I do not understand why. Maybe I was closer to submitting to the dark side of the e-world than I presumed.

Recently, I have been confronted by PowerPoint and now perceive it in an entirely different light. After all, it is capable of delivering an array of video, sound, image, and anecdote, on a single slide!

I can only imagine channeling this variety of communication forms at one time to a group of learners whom all maintain diverse learning styles.

A defining observation that I have made since my crossing from the future has been that even though learning styles are vital for effective learning, they are most often dismissed. In my future, many students’ learning journey were cut short or lost because of this.

While this occurs for several reasons it seems to transpire most when a learning manager does not attain the resources or time to design alternate learning experiences based on communicative form.

However, PowerPoint serves as a vehicle of overcoming this. Together with it, the learning manager can present the same lesson with the same information or the same slide yet the learners will receive it differently according to their personality and learning manners.

A quarter of the way through my mission and already, I can feel the work of the Elite Team changing the destiny of learning and the e-world…

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