Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Justice Team Assemble!

With plagiarizing rampant, identity theft on the rise, and the newly apparent union between cyber bullying and online stalking, I was relieved today to discover that policing is starting to make its presence known.

While I place a copious amount of trust in the ability of the Elite Team, it is great to know that other teams that are striving to use, not abuse the e-world, exist.

My meeting with one member of this syndicate, which I have entitled the Justice Team, happened today when I was assessing the benefits of Flickr.

The member was Creative Commons, a non-profit licensing company that offers alternatives to full copyright. This notion is significant to the development of e-learning as the ethical values of a learning manager are likely to be imitated by their respective learners. If a learning manager were to cheat, steal or disregard the labyrinth of legalities in the e-world than so may one, a few, or even all their learners.

In addition, Flickr is a website with arguably one of the largest collection of images. These images could be used for learning purposes when designing lessons. Your contemporary world heavily relies on visual consolidation thus Flickr is an ideal and legitimate means of ICT application.

Here is an image I found using Flickr that a fellow Elite Team member submitted. It depicts a product of the future I am from. The future where the power of the e-world has fell into the wrong hands, or should I say hard drives.

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