Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Then There Were...

Just when I thought my new ally, old nemesis PowerPoint could not be topped; it is.

Just when I start investing in the ideal of USBs; they become inadequate.

SlideShare and MediaFire are two similar technologies that coexist in the e-world and could eventually be harnessed to benefit the learning of this contemporary knowledge-based economy, you people live in.

I have had previous experience with SlideShare and even used a presentation for one of my Ancient History lessons. Fast and easy is a real bonus about this site. Moreover, I am sure you can imagine that for someone with the paranoia I thrive on, MediaFire is an intimidating concept. Maybe it is the word "fire" that disturbs me. Regardless, I did not endeavour any further into the site yet thoroughly read its self-proclamations. It sounds promising. I think I will consider revisiting it once I have successful cleansed the e-world from the dangers it fosters.

By the way, I am nearly the end of my mission.

Members of the Elite Team are starting to be exposed! I had not heard from a ranking officer since the publication of a recording one of his students uploaded recently. I can only assume the e-powers that be have taken him. He will be remembered...

I can feel the e-world closing in on me.

It may only be a matter of time now that, I too, am disposed of.

I must go into intensive hiding.

Until next time...

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