Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Always Thought "Risk" Was A Board Game


Google Earth.

I just trialed it.


Why are you people not alarmed!

I could have looked in everyone of your backyards!

There is no hiding.

Big Brother IS REAL!
And when this Big Brother evicts you, he drops missiles on your house. Because he can see it!

If this technology were to fall in the wrong hands then the entire world would basically become a Monopoly board.

Yes, that is how effective this 'program' can be...

However, if this technology were to fall in the right hands then how fun would Geography, the most boring subject ever created, be! I can visualise learning managers struggling to describe foreign places and resigning to showing the class using Google Earth.

In conclusion, they should make a song about Google Earth. Oh wait, they already have. Its called "Its A Small World After All."

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