Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Be All and End All

Aside from the reputation that would deviate from this act, I think it is amazing that a person can go to one site alone to research an entire topic.

While this is not recommended, this technology would be ideal to gain background knowledge before enduring the exhaustive quest of sifting through the knowledge laden e-world, as well as the physical one!

Wikipedia is a well received site that is usually one of the first that learners visit when researching for an assignment or an in-class exercise. Convenience reigns supreme here.

Furthermore, as it is essentially a wiki, Wikipedia encourages contribution and consistent update. This enhances its worth as a resource in the classroom.

The other day I was venturing through the site and someone asked me what I was doing. I replied "Wikipedia-ing." Has it really come to that? Now that I consider it, last night I did a fair bit of "YouTub-ing."

I got lost along a few tangents before finding the following article. And after you read it, I'm sure you will agree that Wikipedia is overseen by a small band of the Elite Team, who strive to keep humanity alert about the e-world. Therefore, I have marked it safe and effective. This technology would be a great tool in the learning environment, particularly when the teacher needs to introduce a foreign skill or topic. Here is the link -

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