Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The e-World People

Today I encountered a race of beings that live in the e-world. They are called Avatars and even though their voices are slightly intimidating, most are humorous and willing. Two perfect qualities that nurture a safe and supportive learning environment.

With this race on our side the internet would be a more user friendly system. For instance, rather than reading a bulk mass of written instruction or information, one can listen and watch a humanoid-like technology that presents the same content. This would mainly appeal to those learners who are visually and audibly inclined. Similarly, younger learners may remain more attentive if a character explains the lesson as opposed to the mundane, 'normal' learning manager they are familiarised with.

The greatest ideal with Avatars though, is that they can be manipulated. They are willing to say or do whatever you require them to do.

I came across with one such Avatar that was prepared to portray a learner from the future where the e-world was neglected in the classroom. Heed his warning...

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