Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Transferring The Physical

E-portfolios are simply portfolios that are created and stored in the e-world.

Of course, transferring the physical to the technological does obtain various benefits such as the ability to blog, frequently update and customize one’s regime, learning experience plans, and social networks.

Overall, this technology can be utilized as an e-repository for an e-learning manager. Time and access efficiency are fundamental aspects of managing learning and with e-portfolios, one can ensure both.

What better way but to design ICT learning and ultimately take on the e-world, than by using products of the e-world itself. Now that is effectiveness.

Geared with one of these tools, the learning manager is truly able to use the e-world as the managing force its potential holds. Furthermore, e-portfolios can establish productive connections between teacher and student.

Mahara is an organization that facilitates the creation of these great delivery technologies. It can be accessed at via this link -

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