Thursday, August 20, 2009

A New Hope


The end.

That is how great it is. Its own name is an adjective, verb, and noun, all in one.

This contemporary age of mankind are more visually inclined than ever before. Visual stimulus exponentially increases the engagement levels of learners.

YouTube harbours a vast array of videos that would be beneficial for the delivery of content in any lesson. And for those who are not so trustworthy of it then shame on you! No, let me rephrase that. For those who struggle with its reliability, TeacherTube is a more credited branch off, made for teachers by teachers.

These two sites also echo of how the e-world is smaller than the physical world and has the ability to connect users to the world, namely the classroom.

I explored the goldmine of the site YouTube is, and found a real gem one of my fellow Elite Team members left behind. I think it encapsulates my stance towards the potential of the e-world better than I could ever articulate.

Enjoy. Actually no! Do NOT enjoy! HEED ITS WARNING!

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