Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So It Begins...

I seem to have come back too late.

My name is Chris Parsons.
I am
the leader of the Elite Team,
a covert unit of humans who have been waring against the e-world in your near future.
Many of the Elite Team have either submitted to digital addiction or have already been sent back to infiltrate the matrix, the technological realm, the e-world, or whatever you are currently labeling it.
I am the last member to come back.

The year I have come back from is 2023. I cannot describe the state of Earth except saying that humanity is virtually void.

It appears that the e-world has already established itself as the central focus of your contemporary world.

Humans of today are, most definitely, immersed in technology to the point of survival!

For instance, one of the first people I encountered upon my return was a teenage girl who
appeared to be suffering from withdrawals from Facebook. I will be sure to post the audio recording of her statement however, until then, here is the unedited transcript.
Teenage Girl:
If I don't check my Facebook account in the next five minutes, I am going to die!
This is exactly how the rise of the e-world commences and its grasp tightens.

In the near future a syndicate of juggernauts that rule the e-world ultimately control Earth; attempting to suppress humanity into extinction.

Facebook is one such technological being

My mission however, is not to expose such threats, but to explore the e-world for delivery technologies that foster active learning. Some of these have been created by various members of the Elite Team who have been living amongst you. Their reason for this being to create a platform for practical and innovative use of technological competencies.

Our mission derives from the strategy, "If you can't beat them, join them."
This does not mean that we are submitting to the e-world but rather using it against itself!
The e-world has such potential for productivity, task orientation, networking, communication, the list continues. Yet if such potential is not harnessed now then all will be lost. For once, the battlefield is not in our physical world. To fight this war we must fight technology with technology, using it for good.

Over the next few weeks I will post my findings on each.

I trust you will join me and the Elite Team.

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  1. Chris, sign me up, I like your spin on this and can't wait to see what you can unearth on you e.learing journery. Myself, unlike most have not totally been altered into this modern world but I think I am slowly converting to it. It is very interesting and engaging and I can see its many uses for the future.